Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Iranian who have changed belief from Islam to catholicism when he was 19 and is known by fellow believers as "priest" is sentenced to death!

Islamic Republic judiciary continue to violate the human rights. In this case it violates the individual belief on faith !This must not be tolerated at all and international Protest must be launched !

Regime continue to violate,threaten and intimidate the Iranian Bahai's , Iranian Christians , Iranian Sunni's , "Daravish Gonabadi" and ....

the superior court of the Islamic Republic in Iran on Tuesday June 28 approved the death sentence for an Iranian who have changed his beleif from Islam to Christianity when he was 19 years of age. The supperior court rejected the protest by Mr. Yousef Nadarkhani . The branch number 11 of the Gilan provincial ministry of justice sentenced Mr. Yousef nadarkhani to death on the charges of " apostasy and propagating christianity among moslems" which is now approved by Supperior court.Mr. Yousef nadarkhani has been in Rasht city prison (Lakan) since late October 2009.

In the past in December 1990 father Hosein Soudmand was hanged inside Mashhad city prison. Mr. Nadarkhani is 35 years old and is married and has two childeren. Mr. Nadarkhani's wife Ms. Fatemeh Pasandideh was also sentenced to life imprisonment on October 2010, for changing beleif from Islam to christianity.Her sentence was later droped ,she was acquitted and released from prtison.



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