Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dr. Abdolkarim Lahiji: Mr. Musavi and Karoubi together with their wives were " forcefully kidnapped ".

Arash Eghbali-Mihan

The case file of a " kidnapping " after 150 days !

Dr. Abdolkarim Lahiji Vice president of the International Federation of Human Rights League (FIDH)& President of the Association of Human Rights Defenders in Iran on speaking with Mihan website ( In Paris) called the situation of Musavi and Karoubi and their wives as "kidnapping" by the Islamic Republic in Iran. Musavi and Karoubi were two presidential candidates in June 2009. Its been five months since they were silenced by the regime and it is believed they are under house arrest. The Iranian who have voted for these two candidates have no news about their candidates and the relation between them and public were cut off by regime. People believe Mr. Musavi was the winner in the election but regime rigged the election and called Ahmadinejad as the winner . As a result of this outcome People poured into the streets and protested against the result.

"Because none of the officials formally confirmed the arrest of Mr. Musavi and Mr. Karoubi ,legally this can be called " forcefull kidnapping" , and because of this situation, we are going to follow up the files of these persons in a committee which observe the execution of a convention in the United Nation on people who have been forcefully disappeared.", Said Mr. Lahiji .

According to Dr. Lahiji, "it has been stressed in the constitution of the Islamic Republic that; within 24 hours the reasons for accusation must be explained to the accused , which in this case it did not happen. If regime officials say ,they are under surveilance ,being under surveilance is also a legal action. It should become clear at what time,by which judge and on what charges , this judicial decision was made."

Earlier Dr. Lahiji told to DW radio that ; "one week after their disappearance we have informed the situation to this commitee and told them about their identities and last residence and other information.We know our complaint has been send to Islamic Republic but until now there is no response to the complaint."



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