Wednesday, July 06, 2011

UN must intervene on the situation of Mr. Mir Hossein Musavi ,his wife Zahra Rahnavard and on the situation of Mr. Mehdi Karoubi and his wife !

Will the People in the green movement stand up for the freedom of their leaders?!

According to the website of "Kalameh" a website close to Mirhossein Musavi, one of the leader of the green movement , Ms. Navab Safavi, the mother of Zahra Rahnavard (The wife of Musavi)in an interview told to Kalameh that, in her last visit with her daughter and son-inlaw with the presence of tens of agents , they looked very pale,have lost weight and she said ,she was shocked when she saw them and is worried about both of members are worried about their health, but the agents have said, they have their own doctors.This makes us to worry, because we cant provide our own doctors ,said Ms. Safavi. Ms. Safavi said, two weeks ago when i visited them ,they were fine and strong. Agents ( women and men) are everywhere inside and outside the house. The agents are forcing the family to keep quiete and not to say anything to anyone . This makes us to worry more ,said Ms.Navab safavi (zahra rahnavards' mother).

It seems the situation of Mr. Karoubi and his wife would likely be the same. Both leaders together with their wives are under house arrest for more than four months....

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