Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Uzbek Journalists on hunger strike !

Hi,My name is Bakhtier Shakhnazarov, I'm a freelance journalist from Uzbekistan currently living in Toronto. I'm writing to let you know that two well-known journalists from Uzbekistan are in a great troble. Saodat Omonova (Uzbek spellling - Саодат Омонова) and Malohat Eshonqulova (Малоҳат Эшоқулова), former journalists of the Yoshlar (Youth) TV Channel of the Uzbekistan's National TV and Radio Broadcasting Company, are entered to the fourth day of their hunger strike. They were fired last December after they held a picket at the Mustaqillik (Independence) Square in Tashkent, the country's capital, against corruption, group of interests and censorship in the Yoshlar TV Channel. Later, their registrations (permit to live) in Tashkent region were abolished by the court and two journalists were forced go back to Samarkand, their native town.They desparately need in an international support.Please, make a statement to defend them. For an additional information you may contact me at: 416-422-4998 or 647-997-7667 (cell).Looking forward to hearing from you.Bakhtier.


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