Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eisa Saharkheiz Iranian imprisoned journalist:The strategy of this regime is to murder the political prisoners gradually and silently !

Eisa Saharkheiz the imprisoned Iranian journalist in "Rejaei Shahr" prison, in a letter to honorable Ahmad Shaheed ( the recent appointed UN reporter to Iran ): "What is happening today in the Islamic Republic prisons is the crime against humanity and it dosent have anything less than the Stalins' inhuman actions in harsh Siberian labour camp."

"Today it is clear to me and to my other inmate that ; the strategy of this regime is to gradually and silently murder those political prisoners who opposes the regime. They have delibrately decided to destroy us and they have planned for our silent death.", says Eisa Saharkheiz.

Eisa Saharkheiz requested from Ahmad Shaheed the UN representative to expedite his coming to IRAN and to start his investigation on violation of human rights.

Excerpts from Eisa Saharkheiz letter to Ahmad Shaheed



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