Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Islamic Republic in Iran have intensified its pressure on members of Iranian Film industry !

Masoud Dehnamaki a former member of the Islamic Republic thugs /mobsters is now "film maker" and has full support of the regime to make whatever they call it "film", but instead real iranian film actors and directors critical to the regime cultural conducts must go through harsh formalities or prison .

The Islamic Republic in Iran every now and then focuses ( Put pressure ) on different sectors of Iranian society . This time the victimes are the members of the Iranian film industry. This doesn't mean they havent done this before. This regime is sick and is full blown schizophernic.Suspect everythings and everyone to keep where it stand and the power of course.

in recent weeks regime has arrested Pegah Ahangarani an Iranian asctress and film maker . two of the film Pegah has played : " Agha Yousef " (Mr. Joseph) and " No enterance for Male's" are on play in Iranian cinema's . Her arrest aparently came after her critical view over the "Film" known as "Ekhrajiha" directed by Masoud Dehnamaki one of regime director and a former member of "Ansare Hizbullah" ( thugs/mobsters ) and her future plan to travel to Germany and report about women soccer game for German Radio DW . Pegah Ahangarani's arrest was confirmed by Tehran prosecutor . She was arrested at her home on early last week and is now in a solitary confinement in Evin prison and is banned to hire a lawyer.

The news coming from Iran also reported on the arrest of Marzieh Vafa-mehr actress and wife of Film director Mr. Naser Taghvaei. She was arrested two weeks ago.She played in a film " My Tehran on sale " was sold in blackmarket.According to Geranaz Musavi the director of "My Tehran on Sale " who is currently out of Iran, most of the people who had a role in the film were summoned to the prosecutor's office for question.

We shoulden't forget Jafar Panahi the Iranian film maker and international award winner who was arrested in the past and currently in prison.

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