Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mohammad Javad Larijani head of the human rights in the Islamic Republic judiciary: Appointment of special Human rights envoy for Iran is illgal !

Mohammad Javad Larijani director of human rights office in the judiciary of the Islamic Republic in Iran on speaking with IRNA on Saturday July 16 called "the actions of the international organizations for appointment of specil UN envoy to visit Iran as illegal" .

He called "the appointment as unilateral and without legal bases".

He said: " Islamic Republic has no problem with the reporter himself but appointment of reporter for investigations about the situation of human rights in Iran is not acceptable and we won't accept this".

It is needed to say that; ON 17th of June UN voted for the appointment of a special UN envoy to Iran to investigate the situation of human rights and the Envoy was named as Mr. Ahmad Shaheed.

After the appointment , Islamic Republic officials including Mohammad Sadegh Larijani head of judiciary and Ali Larijani head of parliament opposed to this appointment and did not agree with the envoy to visit Iran.



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