Friday, July 15, 2011

Hunt for "Zanane Bad Hejab"or (women violating dress code)under new regime measure in the streets !

Moslem women in Lebanon, Nigeria, Malaysia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan,Philippines, Sudan,Indonesia,India, or any other part of the world must know that, Islamic Republic Style of regime in their country mean this.As a moslem women Please raise your voice against these measures and support your Iranian sisters.

Regime has started new measure against women known as "Tarhe Amniate Akhlaghi" or Moral security measures . Based on this project , police and security forces are ordered to "Hunt women who break the dress code ". It is summer in Iran and summer time the weather become extreemly warm in Iran. With this weather , women are forced to wear dress in a way that their bodies should not be seen. They are forced to cover all over their bodies with baggie "Hejab" .Despite of doing this for 32 years , women still resist against these project and fight back for their basic human rights.Here are some of the picture showing women and men security forces arresting women who break the dress code in the streets.


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