Thursday, August 11, 2011

Focus on political prisoners -Mehdi Khazali,writer -blogger & critical to regime: " I'll start hunger strike & leave my dead body on your shoulders !

Doctor Mehdi Khazali is a writer and blogger which is critical to regime policies. He is on his 22nd days of hunger strike . According to his son , the prison officials transfered him from ward number 209 in Evin prison to ward number 350 in Evin prison.Doctor Khazali is the son of Ayatollah Abolghasem Khazali member of the "Assembly of Experts". According to doctor Khazali's son , his father was arrested on July 18 ,2011 infront of the Ministry of Information building by ministry's agents.Ministry's agents forcefully pushed him into a car and disappered.Based on report he has four charges against him , one was dropped and for other three charges, he was asked to prepare a 60 million Tuman Bail ($60 000). Doctor Khazali's son said; his grand father show no objection against regime's behaviour towards his son and so far the grand father did not make any attempt to contact his son's family.



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