Thursday, December 01, 2011

Islamic Republic regime in Iran: Amnesty International is good when releases statement against our enemies and is bad when make statement against us!

Some of the government sponsored media covered about the statement released by the Amnesty International on Saudi Arabia ,critisizing Saudi Arabian rulers for arresting many people and detaining them without telling them about their charges!!!!??????
Another website sponsored by government said: Amnesty International criticized and condemned the Saudi Arabian rulers for repression against its people!!!?????

Another one wrote:
Amnesty International accuses Saudi Arabia for violation of Human rights!!!!?????

One wounder shame is a good thing but not for Islamic Republic of c ourse ,because Islamic Republic is the most shameless Government of all not in the history of Iran but it seems in the world for using all kinds of immoral tactics to save its ........?????!!!!
Needless to say that Amnesty International has released hundereds of statements against Islamic Republic too !!!
So, AI is good when it attacks our enemies and bad when attack us.What a judgement and policy?

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