Saturday, December 17, 2011

Security agents of Sepah Pasdaran" & agents of Ministry of Information holding political prisoners & their families as hostage !

Pictures: 36 political prisoners- Majid Tavakoli's mother- and Evin prison.

When we speak about security agents, we mean the most frightful forces in the Islamic Republic regime who hear,see or talk to no one but themselves,holding the prisoners and their families as hostage. Ministry of" justice" or "Judiciary power" headed by Mohammad Sadegh Larijani is doing nothing but acting as scarecrow in the Islamic Republic and is responsible for all the injustices in the Islamic Republic Regime.Mohammad Sadegh Larijani and his family members assets must be frozen and their travel from Iran must be under control.We the Iranian are at the passage of a very very dark era in the history of Iran.News from Iran brings sorrow and pain to every human being hearts ,here are a few news from Iran:

Pray Sabery, a stage playright director:Our duty in Iran is unknown and we don't know what to do? She was speaking about her plays that are banned or censored by Ministry of Guidance.

Soheil Mahmoudi an Iranian poet speaking to a gathering on an event commemorating the recent death of two iranian poets and their young daughter in a road accident: Day and night we are afraid !

Bahman Ahmadi-amouei ,an Iranian journalist who was arrested and sentenced to 5 years and four months imprisonment. Bahman has been in detention for the last 28 months in ward number 350 in Evin prison and spent 90 days in solitary confinement for writing critical economic article and financial corruption in Ahmadinejad's economic plan which brought the biggest financial embezzlement.If Bahman's critical writing and digging the truth was correct about the corruption in Ahmadinejad's Government , then why he should be locked in jail? .

36 political prisoners in their recent statement called Ahmadinejad's Government as the most corrupt Government of all in the history of Iran and compared the 8th "Majles" Parliament of the Islamic Republic under the leadership of Ali Larijani as of Egypts parliament during Hosni Mubarak.They have also said that; participation in the coming Majles election on March is impossible. As a result of their statement , regime banned their family visitation to prison.

Mohammad Mostafaei an Iranian lawyer and human rights defender who has fled Iran and currently live in Norway, in his recent article called some of the judges of the courts as torturers and security forces, disqualifying the judiciary system in Islamic Republic.

Ms. Abbasi the mother of imprisoned Iranian student leader Majid Tavakoli who is in sickbed called Mr. Mohammad Khatami the former president and asked him to pray for her to have the chance to see her son because she was unable to see her son since his arrest after the presidential election coup.

Three of green movement leader Mehdi Karoubi , Mir Hossein Musavi and his wife Zahra Rahnavard are on their 300th day of illegal house arrest.


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