Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ahmad Salek a cleric MP : More than 100 well known reformist personalities went on trial during the protest after 2009 election !

Mohammad Javad Larijani is Mr. Human Rights of the Islamic Republic in Iran !
Ahmad Salek a cleric MP has answered Mohammad Javad Larijani the head of human rights headquarter at Islamic Republic judiciary power who have said earlier that :" Political prisoners ! where is it?" Basically Mr. Human Rights of the Islamic Republic said: There is NO political prisoner in the Islamic Republic.
On Wednesday Ahmad Salek in speaking with Aria News Agency said: "After the event of sedition (IWC:or as it is known, the " Fetneh "event ), many of the reformists were exposed and more than 100 of them were brought on trial."
Picture (1) shows two prominent reformists in the court with an officer in between- Picture (2) Ahmad Salek The cleric MP.

Ahmad Salek is currently the political deputy of "Sepah Pasdaran". In the past he was commander of Sepah force in the city of Isfahan and representative of Khamenei in "Ghods force" - outside of Iran and many other high ranking position.

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