Thursday, July 12, 2012

This man says there is NO political prisoner in the Islamic Republic !!!?????

UN human rights council should not keep silence on this!!!?????
By saying this,he is challenging UN ,UN human rights council and UN reporter on Iran Mr. Ahmed Shaheed.

Who is this man?
He is Mohammad Javad Larijani . This man isn't member of "Sepah" force or a Basiji Militia , he is the head of human rights headquarter at Judiciary Power of the Islamic Republic.
In speaking with ISNA he said:
" political prisoner is a person who have acted politically under the law, but they have throw him into prison unlawfully ,because the rulers and those who run the state didn't like what he was doing.Based on this definition ,there is no political prisoners in the Islamic Republic "
Political prisoner! Where is it?
So, this man Mohammad Javad Larijani the head of the Human Rights headquarter in the Islamic Republic conclude that there is NO political prisoners !!!?????
This man is the brother of Mohammad Sadegh Larijani the head of judiciary power and the brother of Ali Larijani the head of parliament( Majles Shoraye Islami ).

UN and the UN human rights council and the human rights organizations all over the world must not keep silence on this and should protest against him and the Islamic Republic regime in Iran !!

If there is no political prisoner in the Islamic Republic,then what are these people doing with prison uniform in your Kangaroo courts????


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