Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Despotism and Execution are inseparable !

Help Stop this execution , She is innocent !
Mohammad Sadegh Larijani the head of the Judiciary is responsible if she was brought to the gallows!
political cartoon by : Kianoush Ramezani the Iranian cartoonist:
Kianoush Ramezani
Cartoonist, Visual artist, Activist
member of Cartooning for Peace International organization

News coming from Iran indicate , the Islamic Republic regime is planning to execute another innocent woman ( According to Lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei ).Safieh Ghafouri is the woman who is going to be executed tomorrow Wednesday.Safieh is accused of murder , while Mr. Mostafaei believe that , the Governor of Shiraz ,the Friday prayer Imam, the public prosecutor all united to send this innocent woman to the gallows ,who confessed to the murder under forced confession.The real murderer is the son of the Friday prayer imam of  "Bayram " - a village near the city of "Lar " and Aslouieh" .Mr. Mostafaei said ; while her appeal file is open and going on in the superior court for review, the above mentioned parties are expediting of her execution. She is currently in "Adel-abad prison " in the city of Shiraz.Mr. Mostafaei said; Safieh is innocent and the real murderer is the son of Friday prayer Imam of "Bayram" a village near the city of "Lar" and "Aslouieh". While in prison and pregnant she made complaint that 17 people sexually assaulted her ,as a result she had miscarriage. Those assaulted her were the prison guards and colonel Solaymani the head of the "Adel-abad " prison . She is going to be executed tomorrow based on "Ghesas " a sharia law.


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