Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bahai's are under daily threat in the Islamic Republic !

According to HRANA (News Agency ) on Tuesday in Tehran the security agents have arrested nine Iranian Bahai's.At around 8:00 pm on Tuesday July 10 ,the security agents attended at Amir Mazidi's home and then    the next day they have attended at the office and home of several other Bahai's in Tehran ,in some cases the agents without order from the court (broke and entered) in the premises , attacked and insulted the residents and took away with them the Laptop -computer - camera-marriage certificates- property and financial documents- Bank cheques and family albums .
According to this report ,the agents have arrested the nine Bahai's and transferred to an unknown location.
Those arrested are:
Adel Naimi and his wife Elaheh Farahani, Sarang Etehadi and his wife Nasim Ashrafi, Shahab Dehghani and his wife Shamis Mohajer, Amir Maghami -fard, Amir Mazidi, Jinous Rahimi.
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