Saturday, June 15, 2013

Focus on Iran after presidential election......

1- According to news, ministry of Interior released new round of vote and in its latest release Hasan Rohani has 51% of vote.

Out of 23,014,873 million vote,
Hasan Rohani with 11,754,013 million vote is in first place
Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf 3,494,938 million vote is in 2nd place
Mohsen Rezaei with 2,723,202 Million vote in 3rd place
Said Jalili with 2,593,169 Million in 4th place vote
Ali Akbar Velayati with 1,405,543 million vote in fifth place

2- According to a report by Mehr News Agency after the presidential election Hashemi Rafsanjani said:
"If the enemies of the Islamic Republic have little fairness would admit that,Iran has ended the most democratic election in the world "

Iran Watch Canada :
Perhaps Iran is the most democratic country in the world as well.

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