Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hasan Rohani is the winner of the presidential election.....

Despite of possibilities that election will end up in round 2nd , Hasan Rohani  won the presidential election in Iran.

Vote counted are as follows:
Hasan Rohani - 18,613,329 Million vote
Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf  6,077,292 Million vote - 16% of vote
Said Jalili    4,168,946 Million vote - 11.35% of vote
Mohsen Rezaei 3,884,412 Million vote - 10.85 %
Ali Akbar Velayati 2,268,753 Million vote - 6.18%
Gharazi  446,015 vote - 1.21 %

Rohani call himself a moderate and not reformist but reformists Like Khatami supported him because there was little window for any reformists to win in this election. Rohani's position is close to Rafsanjani as a moderate.

Now that Mr. Hasan Rohani is the winner :
Here are few major demands of Iranian people who voted for him:
Freedom of Musavi , Karoubi and Zahra Rahnavard  Green movement leaders with 836 Days under house arrest

Allowing the activities of the Association of Human Rights Defenders in Iran
Removal of  pressure over women
Control over security and plain cloths activities
Freedom of all political prisoners including journalists
Freedom of human rights defenders including lawyers
Removal of pressure over NGO's and creation of more NGO's
Removal of stars from students and their return to universities
Freedom of newspapers and media in general
preparation to achieve people's demands / claims
Permission to Iranian in exile to return to Iran and to leave without facing problems from security and plain cloths forces of the ministry of information.
Preparation of an atmosphere for the freedom of political parties and creation of political parties.
reduction of tension between Iran and West
Improvement of economy and reduction of poverty

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