Sunday, March 02, 2014

Islamic Fundamentalists, their MP's and Newspapers attacked Faezeh hashemi for her recent comments on the situation of media and women !

Islamic fundamentalists , their media and Mp's attacked Faezeh Hashemi the president of the Association of Media Freedom for her recent comments on the situation of media and women in the Islamic regime.
Ms. Faezeh Hashemi recently said: The Situation of women before the revolution was better than today, they had representative in Senate Assembly and even we had minister in the cabinet and on the situation of media she added , media were more free 100 years ago than today and they did not need to receive license for their paper .....
These comments angered fundamentalists circles in Iran and all of them attacked Ms.Faezeh Hashemi .
Those who have commented against Ms. Faezeh Hashemi are:
Ms. Fatemeh Alia an MP member of the women commission of the ninth parliament , she said:

Because of revolution people like Faezeh Hashemi have freedom of expression and she also added that , Ms. Hashemi's comment is an agreement with western countries.
Ms. Fatemeh Rahbar also an MP and head of the women commission said :

What the daughter of the head of expediency council ( Ali Akber Hashemi Rafsanjani) said, is "pouring water to the enemies mill " , she then said, women after revolution had much more development .
Ms. Halimeh Aali also an MP from Zabol said, What Ms. Faezeh Hashemi is baseless.
Ms. Fereshteh Rohafza socio-cultural deputy of the women council also said, before revolution women were like a puppet show doll .....
A comment by Ms. Sedigheh Shakeri in Rejanews :  Ms. Faezeh must keep in mind that our country isn't just republic ,it is Islamic as well.
Kayhan Newspaper wrote: Another counter revolutionary interview by Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani .

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