Sunday, June 21, 2015

ILNA News Agency In Iran Expelled All Its Labor News Reporters ......

Esmail Mohammad Vali one of the expelled editor of the labor section in his tweeter on Saturday wrote:

"Labor reporters of ILNA all together were expelled from the Agency , the reasons can be guessed, but soon we will release an explanation. For those who have asked i will say this , the five member team of ILNA labor news reporters were expelled today, although my ranking was as an editor of the group but every one knew that ;our group were functioning as a council , thats why they expelled all of us . For those who follows the labor news it is clear to them , but we will write about this when the angers are cooled down ."

In the last two days since Saturday and today the website of ILNA did not renew its labor news section and that is because of the  expulsion of its labor news reporters .

ILNA is a major news reporter about labor news in IRAN.

We have to wait and see what the reporters are going to write about this expulsion .


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