Thursday, June 25, 2015

Two Azari ( Iranian From Azarbayejan) Were Earlier Sentenced to 13 Years Imprisonment But Appeal Court Found Mistakes in The Sentencing !

Wrong judgement , heavy sentencing by incapable judges of the Islamic regime .... precious life of many Iranian lost in prisons....... 

According to Avian News , the division number # 7 of the court of appeal sent the case file of two Iranian Azari in lower court for correction.
The two Iranian Azari ; Hossein Ali Mohammadi and Teh Kermani  ( From East of Azarbayejan ) were sentenced earlier to three and then to thirteen years imprisonment by judge Bagherpour from division number 3 of the court of revolution in Tabriz city on charges of " insulting the leader " and " Propagating against the state" .
Both are charged for their writing on publication known as " Sousma " and blog known as " Souzgoul " .
The defense lawyers for both activists  have protested to the sentencing and sent the case for appeal which is approved by presiding appeal court judge on need for correction .


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