Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More than 100 Iranian Teachers Are Arrested in A Rally In Front Of Islamic Regime's Parliament in Baharestan Square - Tehran

Tehran - Baharestan Square where the Islamic Regime's Parliament is located
According to a report by " The Rights of Teachers and Workers " ,Hundreds of Iranian teachers
from all over Iran attended in a rally which was called by their union ( Iran's Teachers Council ) to get together in front of parliament for a silent action ( based on Article number 27 of the constitution) to demand for the release of their imprisoned colleagues and for their own rights and standard of life

However , from early morning the plain clothes security agents and anti riot police forces prevented the protesters to get together and forced them to disperse , they even asked the shop keepers to go inside their store and have arrested more than hundreds of Iranian teachers ( in one report 200 teachers were arrested) and carried them by van to an unknown location.

A teacher who was arrested and was in a van said:
" More than 100 teachers joined the rally from the city of Isfahan but 30 of them were arrested. I am arrested with twelve other colleagues from the city of ; Mashhad , Ghazvin , Shahr Kord , Kurdistan and .....we are all in a Van and we do not know where the security forces are taking us ...... "


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