Monday, July 20, 2015

The Security Forces of The Islamic Regime In Iran Have Arrested Several Iranian People From the City of Ahwaz !

According to a report by Karim Dahimi a human rights activist, Several Iranian People From the city of Ahwaz have been arrested by regime security forces during the month of Ramadan .
Those arrested are :
1- Ali Mansouri ( 30 years old) and his brother Yousof Mansouri (27 years old)
2- Amar Abiavi ( 22 years old)
3- Vasam Faraj-Kanani ( 26 years old),  Abbas Miahi ( 26 years old), Abdolah Abidavi ( 25 years old), Naji Abidavi  and Hamzeh Miahi
4- Abdol-Hosein Savari ( 22 years old)
5- Mehdi Heidari ( 32) , Abdol-Hakim Khosrji ( 27), Sajad Alhani( 19) , Heidar Naseri ( 29), Ayoub Heidari , Ahmad Badavi and Abbas Badavi
6- Jafar Silavi ( 22)
7- Abdolah Savari
8-  Mohammad Mazhaji, Ahmad Marmazi, Hadi Marvani, Malek Mashali, Ahmad Tamimi , Ali Soleymani and Ali Khalafi

All these people were arrested during the month of Ramadan by security forces and most of these Iranian people are from Different district in Ahwaz city and Khoramshahr . These people are Sunni Moslem and are charged for Religious Activities , the report said.

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