Thursday, July 09, 2015

Hosein Ronaghi Maleki's Mother : If you Take Hosein's Father To Prison , I won't become Silent !

Hosein's Mother: We Have Voted For Freedom and Not For Your Lies !

Hosein Ronaghi's Father is sentenced to four months in prison because he broke his silence and spoke with media about his son's case , he was told by security forces to keep quiet and not to speak to media. 

Hosein's mother Ms. Zoleykha Musavi said: Based on article 134 of the Islamic penal code , Hosein was released and his re-arrest and detention was illegal and if they will bring Hosein's dad to prison because he did not keep quiete as told by security forces , i would not keep silence and no one can make me quiet.

How can we keep silence, when they have taken our son to prison ,he was healthy , they have made him sick, he has lost his kidneys, they have violated his legal rights , and they they keep on saying to us to be quiet , don't give interviews , don't speak, how can we do that? How can we keep silence? They have given four months imprisonment to Hosein's father because he said, help my son, because my son is going to die. 

Time and time the security forces have told me don't make interviews , and i told them; release my son and i wont talk or interview. Now they will come and take Hosein's father to prison , their problems is going to be solved and thing will become quiet?If he goes to jail , i wont keep silence....They think they can make me quiet ... They have taken my child to jail , made him sick and won't allow any medical treatment for him and then they ask me not to make interviews , if it is bad ,then you shouldn't do that . Don't do the bad and we won't make interviews to let the whole world know about the case.

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