Monday, June 29, 2015

Mostafa Azizi's Dad Had Brain Hemorrhage When For The First Time He Visited His Son At Evin Prison !

According to HRANA a human rights activists group in Iran ,when for the first time on last Wednesday Mostatfa Azizi's Dad visited him at Evin prison he had a brain stroke due to stress he went through and he was transferred to hospital.
Mostafa Azizi 53 years old and a writer and film producer , came in Canada on 2010 and returned to Iran last winter to visit his sick father was summoned to the prosecutors office at Evin prison and was sentenced by judge Salavati to eight years imprisonment for allegedly " insulting the leader of the Islamic Republic"  and " crime against national security " and ......
It was in the news that, when his father attended at Evin prison , he was unable to walk on the stairs and instead the prison officials made another option to bring his son to another location for the visitation when due to stress , he had the stroke and was transferred to hospital without able to see his son.
Mostafa Azizi spent a month in ward number 2 -Alef in Evin prison run by Sepah Pasdaran ( revolutionary guards ) and later he was transferred to ward number eight in Evin prison.


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