Saturday, June 27, 2015

A " Khorasani " Blogger Is Sentenced to Three Years Imprisonment !

According to HARANA Aa human rights activists group Zainolabedin Ghaemi a blogger from Khorasan province is sentenced to three years imprisonment . He is allegedly charged with , insulting the leader of the Islamic Republic , propagating against the state and disturbing the public peace .
Mr. Ghaemi was sentenced by presiding judge Milanlouei from the court of revolution in the city of Ghaen.
Mr. Ghaemi in speaking with HARANA reporter said:
" because of my critical writing to the leader and to the head of Assembly of Experts and other officials in my weblog , i have received these charges  , although after writing i removed those posts from the wall , but my weblog was filtered and disappeared from the radar, at present i have protested against this sentencing and i hope the sentencing will be reduced .......

Mr. Ghaemi said , his writing was a kind of duty and it was about the morality issues ( acted as a member of the community moral task force to force people to correct their hijab or ......)


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