Friday, July 03, 2015

A Kurdish-Iranian Young Student Who Was Wounded During A protest and Clashes with Sepah and Paramilitary forces of the Regime in Mahabad is Dead after 53 Days in Hospital.....

In recent month a Kurdish-Iranian women by the name of Farinaz Khosravani 28 years old who was employed by Tara Hotel in Mahabad city was killed at Hotel by falling, people including family members believed that, she was killed because she didn't want to be sexually assaulted by members of regime.
People of Mahabad after the incident gathered in front of the hotel and protested and then burned the hotel, but police forces together with paramilitary and Sepah forces used tear gas and later shot the people and as a result one young Kurdish man by the name of Akam Talaj was wounded by gun shot wound and was transferred to hospital ,but after 53 days he died to this wound.
The security forces told to his family keep silent during funeral and after the funeral ,not to talk with any people or media.



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