Monday, July 13, 2015

Imprisoned Poet, Satirist, Film Writer and maker Mohammad Reza Ali Payam's Health Is deteriorating due to Hunger Strike.....

HRANA Human Rights Activists Group :
On April 22 this year ,Mohammad Reza Ali Payam the Iranian poet, Satirist and film maker attended at Evin prison to spend the 15 months prison sentences. After spending a few day in ward eight of Evin he was transferred to Gohardasht prison in Rejaei Shahr .
Together with other political prisoners in Gohardasht prison and in protest against the prison officials decision to keep them with dangerous criminals prisoners ,they went on hunger strike since 10 days ago ,but because of deteriorating health condition of Ali Payam ,the have ended their hunger strike.

Mohammad Reza Ali Payam is charged with :
Insulting the founder of the Islamic Republic
Insulting the leader of the Islamic Republic
Insulting the Sacred of Holy Islam
Insulting the Ayatollah's


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