Thursday, October 08, 2015

Islamic Regime in Iran The Enemy of Civil Society in Iran…….

According to news from Azarbayjan Website :
Ali Faezpour a human rights and labor rights activist is arrested at his home in the city of Tabriz on last Saturday by the agents of the Ministry of Information .

When the family members of this labor rights activists approached the prosecutors office for releasing him by bail ,they have told them; his detention has been extended for another 10 days .
It has been said that , one of the reason the agents arrested Mr. Ali Faezpour is because of his presence in Shahrokh Zamani's funeral procession ( Shahrokh Zamani is an imprisoned labor rights leader who has died suspiciously in prison.).

It was added that; in recent weeks ( after the death of Shahrokh Zamani ) many human rights and labor  rights activists are summoned including Valeh Zamani the cousin of  Shahrokh Zamani who was also arrested in Tehran and was detained for 10 days.
Mr. Faezpour is member of the "Azarbayjan Health Association"


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