Sunday, October 04, 2015

Mahmoud Khavari the Former Bank Melli Boss Is Still wanted by Regime , Islamic Regime In Iran Is Requesting Interpol to arrest and Extradite Him !

Commander Seyed Masoud Rezvani - Iran's Interpol
According to news by ISNA , Commander Seyed Masoud Rezvani the head of Iran Interpol said; we had several meeting with international interpol as well as Ottawa interpol and currently Mamoud Khavari's file case is under investigation by Canadian ministry of justice.
Mahoud Khavari was the former Islamic regime's  Bank Melli's boss ,who  have fled Iran to Canada on corruption charges with Three billion dollars Iranian money.
Commander Rezvani added , the Canadian interpol won't do anything unless the Canadian ministry of justice issues an order for his arrest . He also said ,there are two issues with this case, one is that, there are no political will by Canada to arrest him and second is that, the ministry of justice must act alone on this case.
According to Seyed Rezvani , the red flag is issued for Khavari's arrest and extradition.



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