Monday, October 12, 2015

October 10 International Day Against Execution …….And A Human Tragedy in Iran ….

According to an article by Emad Baghi a human rights and prisoners rights advocate …..

Last year 500 tons of illegal substance / drug was discovered in Iran and 263, 000 people / drug traffickers were arrested and detained. According to new statistic in Iran there are 1, 325 ,000 people are addicted to dugs and this means 2.65% of the population between 15-64 years of age ( keyhan newspaper).

The same source has said; more than 200 drug production facility were destroyed in the country and drug addiction among women particularly among the educated is alarming.

the judiciary officials in 2015 said ; 80% of the execution in Iran are of those drug related.


IRAN WATCH CANADA: The Islamic regime in Iran ranks one of the top countries on the execution.

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