Tuesday, February 16, 2016

10 Days To Parliamentary and Assembly of Experts Elections in Iran …….

Just 10 days have left to the Elections in Iran. The election day is on Feb. 26 this month.
The Candidates have one week starting on this Thursday to start their campaign.
The " Etedal and Touse- e " ( Moderate and Progress ) party together with reformists and supporter of the current Government has 30 candidates in Tehran and they have released the list.
The conservatives together with fundamentalists also released their list for Tehran which consist of 30 personalities.
Its been announced that there are 54, 915, 024 million people are eligible to vote in Iran .
Mohammad Ali Najafi advisor to president Hassan Rohani Said; the next parliament will be made of 65% of reformists and moderates.

More than 12,000 have registered their names for election - out of this 6, 230 are approved by Guardian Council and 5,200 were rejected/denied .

Opposition political parties and groups like nationalists , Islamists with national brand , communists , socialists, democrats , monarchists and ….are not allowed in Iran to join or to run in the election . Only those Islamists like Conservatives, fundamentalists, Islamic reformists , Islamic moderates , Motalefeh Eslami and …..are allowed to run …although between regime and reformists differences is deepening .

So the dialogue on election is deepening wether to participate of not . Although Khamenei and the rest of the regime are asking people and even opposition to participate , but many opposition groups or party's close to Islamic reformist and Islamist Kargozaran or Islamist Etedalion Parties are asking their supporters to vote if there are only these candidates are in the constituency and not to participate if there are only conservatives or fundamentalists in the constituency.

Many other opposition groups also in a statement boycotted the election in Iran.


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