Monday, February 15, 2016

11 Days To The Election in Iran - The Religious Leaders Of the Green Movement Still Under House Arrests After 5 Continues Years …..

The Green Movement was A protest Of Iranian People who did not want the continuation of this political status quo .  A political system which do not respect the peoples vote to elect their MP's or president . Iranian people did not want to say another yes to the continuation of the  status quo . The people after more than three decades wanted to say No to the political trend and thats why they came by millions to the street and protested against the system and the security forces which runs the show in Iran .

Hassan Rohani the current president must also decide whether to serve the master ( Khamenei / Security forces of Sepah / economic Mafia  ) or the masses, there is no other way such as serving the master and masses at the same time.

Although Hassan Rhone is different in his position and policies from Khatami the former president but at the end regime won't allow any radical political reform in Iran  . And because of this situation, the People are frustrated and Iran is awaiting a huge resistance and protest in future against the current status quo .

The leaders of the Green Movement in 2009 joined the people's to protest and wanted to change the status quo or the way the regime runs the show in Iran.

Being the observer of regime's show or being the follower of the regime scenarios is coming to an end in Iran and it is getting harder for regime to continue these type of shows as a legitimate election .
Feb. 26 is the Election day in Iran.

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