Wednesday, February 10, 2016

16 Days To The Parliamentary And Assembley of Expert Election in Iran . Valyollah Shoja Pourian A Former MP And Current Member Of Tehran City Council Criticized The President Hassan Rohani And Said; Mr. President The Reformists Are Not The Minorities…...

According to an article in Hamdeli Newspaper , Mr. Valyollah Shoja Pourian a former MP and current member of Tehran City Council criticized president Rohani  for what he called as Inactiveness and just acted as an observer  towards the rejection of Islamist reformists candidates and he also told the president that ;the reformists are not just a minority political group as he thinks .
Mr. Shoja Pourian also said; Except a few open positioning , the president did not participate effectively on the issue of the rejection of reformists candidates by the Guardian Council.
He added that, the Reformism is a not just a minority political group but a deep rooted political and influential personalities and issue on the mind of the  Iranian society and has more than 10 million supporters and they must have candidates representing them in the parliament.


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