Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Son of Isa Saharkheiz : My Father Has Started Dry Hunger Strike Since Three Days Ago In Prison And my father said ; You Guys Either Go To Beheshte Zahra Cemetery To Receive My Dead Body Or To The Baghiatollah Hospital To Visit Me there…...

According to BBC Farsi report , Mehdi Saharkheiz the son of Isa Saharkheiz the Iranian Islamist reformist journalist and one of the current political prisoner has started his dry hunger strike in prison. Isa Saharkheiz have been arrested in the past and spent 4 years in prison after the presidential coup in 2009 .
Isa Saharkheiz is allegedly accused of  propagating against the Islamic regime and conspiracy against national security by collaborating with others .
According to Mehdi Saharkheiz the son of Isa Saharkheiz the security forces inside the prison have taken his father's glasses and his tooth brush and are forcing him to confess for things that he haven't  done .


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