Friday, February 19, 2016

Islamic Regime's Games In Iran Against Iran and Iranian People Does Not End ……..

According to news , in a move again the Third Digital Islamic Revolution News Exhibition has prepared a 600,000 Dollar Reward for those who kill Salman Rushdie the writer of the Satanic Verses.
According to "Digarban" News Agency, 43 media institutions have participated in this Exhibition are the backbone of the campaign to kill Salman Rushdie . The funding of all these institutions are coming from Sepah Pasdaran and Basij .

230 Million Tuman of this funding came from Fars News Agency , Basij Press and Basij News Agency.

This reward is prepared on the eve of the day Khomeini first sent a Fatwa on 1989 to kill Salman Rushdie the Indian- British writer.

After the death of Khomeini , Khamenei the  leader of the Islamic regime said he will Follow the Fatwa….


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