Sunday, February 28, 2016

Last Friday The Election In Iran Has Ended , What Is In It For The People And The Country ?

Moderates And Reformists Can't Continue Serving The Master And The Masses At the Same time , at one point they must chose one over another one !

Parliamentary and assembly of experts Election has ended in Iran ,what is in it for Iranian people ?
Islamic regime in Iran runs the show for 37 continues years . Other than Islamic reformists and moderate Islamists or conservatives ,opposition has no place in the political decision making in Iran.

A couple of years after the revolution , the show run by Islamist revolutionaries mainly sepah with repression and creating fear among society and oppositions , the result was catastrophic with thousands of political prisoners either were mass murdered or imprisoned and disappeared .

A decade and so later Islamist reformist with the support of Iranian people created a situation of hope to bring changes / reforms into the system by electing Seyed Mohammad Khatami. Mohammad Khatami at the end of his 8 years term said; he was just a provider for the regime. It was during his Government term when the students protested for six continues days which shock Iran and the Islamic regime for the first time. And it was also during Khatami's term when the chain murdering of writers and others politicians happened in the hand of the security intelligent officer Said Emami and other high ranking clergies.

8 Years later , after the reformists Government ended a fundamentalist Government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad backed by sepah , Basij and Khamenei the leader of the Islamic regime ran the country to a point were almost destroyed and bankrupt the country and people. It was in his term when the Green Movement happened  in 2009 and more than 4,000,000 people poured into the street for close to a year by chanting where is my vote as a result many young Iranian were killed by regime Sepah, Basij and judiciary forces?

At present the moderate Islamists headed by president Hassan Rohani run the Government while Sepah, Basij and leader watch and weigh in when it is needed to control the situation.

And now the parliamentary and assembly of experts election has ended and out of more than 52 million eligible vote all over Iran, the percentage of those attended at the poll and voted are very low , for example just in Tehran , around 10 million people more or less can vote , the top elected runner from reformists in Tehran just received close to 600,000 vote and the lowest elected runner received close to 400,000 vote. And the top elected runner in assembly of experts Rafsanjani received just more than 2,000,000 vote in Tehran.

This shows , the people are losing faith on reformists / moderates to bring changes or to even resist  for the interest of the people against the sepah, basij or leader 's selfish repressive and destructive plans for Iran.

For now the moderates / reformists have the Government and the majority of MP's in parliament and also the leadership of the assembly of experts …..So we have to see- what will they do after this victory?

Will they release political prisoners? will they release the green movement leaders from the house arrests ? will they bother less the media and remove repressive national security agenda from the country . Or will they bring reform in the judiciary system ? and so many other unanswered questions ….

We have to wait and see ….

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