Thursday, February 25, 2016

Not To Forget Iranian Political Prisoners ……...

IRAN WATCH CANADA is doing its part ……not forgetting the voiceless Iranian ….bringing their voices as much as it can to the world human rights organizations……Thats the least IRAN WATCH CANADA can do, none stop from September 2004 …...

According to news coming from prisons , many Iranian political prisoners are on hunger strike , among them :

1- Said Hossein -Zadeh
Is on his 6th day of hunger strike - The reason for strike is because his health condition is bad and he needs immediate hospitalization. He have written a letter to the judiciary and prison officials asking to let him to be transferred to the hospital for operation and treatment.

2- Reza Samiei Monfared
National Security prisoner . He is in ward number 7 at Evin prison
He is suffering from lower back pain and needs treatment .
He is the former central bank inspector and is arrested for disclosing the 3,000,000,000 Billion Dollar corruption by former Government officials and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.
5 years imprisonment for disclosing the corruption!!!!!??????

3- Amir Golestani
On his 9th day of hunger strike .
He supposed to be transferred to the hospital for skin diseases …..
He is charged with Facebook social activities - written article such as ……"Doggy Life"  and "Sweet life" …..  He is on his 3rd year in Evin prison.


A court in the city of Ahwaz sentenced three Iranian - Arab Ahwazi activists to 9 years imprisonment .
They are:
1- Mohammad Heydari - 24 years old

2- Reza Heydari - 26 years old

3- Adel heydari - 22 years old

In another news from the city of Shoush, the intelligent agents on an assault on a village around Shoush have arrested six youth of the village and it is unknown where they have been taken .

and they are :

Jamaloding Chabishot - 24 years old
Riaz Chabishot - 22 years old
Hamzeh Debut - 22 years old
Maher Abdolahi - 24 years old
Asad Kanani- 17 years old
Daram Kaabi - ……


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