Monday, February 22, 2016

4 Days To Elections In Iran…..Parliamentary Election And …….

Banner From ISNA news agency :

Banner: 4 Days To Election ……

In Iran Peoples are more divided this time than previous years whether to vote or not to . After 37 years of the Islamic regime in Iran ,there haven't been any change or reform to the system. At the beginning of reform movement people were hopeful for changes and thats why they have supported the reform . But the Islamist reformists like President Khatami has failed to create much change/reform  or to penetrate in to the hard rock of the system. So, nowadays Khatami has chosen to continue the rest of his political life in isolation due to pressure from the top leading fundamentalists particularly Khamenei without any resistance or leading his followers or supporters to resist. Regime has even banned media to speak to Khatami or to publish his picture. While the regime is calling everyone to participate in election and vote , people are more and more choosing not to . Now that only four days left to election we have to see what unexpected things will happen in Iran. 

1- Iran Nation's  Party ( Hezbe Melat  Iran ) in a statement with several reason ( like not having freedom to chose or imprisonment of dissents and influence on engineering the election)  announced that it will boycott the election. This party has 60 years political activities in Iran and one of its major leader was Dariush Frouhar …..

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