Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mohammad Sediq Kaboudvand The Iranian Kurdish Human Rights Defender Is Released From The Prison

According to news , Mohammad Sediq Kaboudvand Iranian Kurdish Human rights defender in Kurdistan and a journalist is released from prison after spending 10 years in prison for just founding and defending human rights in Kurdistan and Iran.

Mr. Kaboudvand was greeted by her friends and family members after being released from prison.
Mr. Kaboudvand was in prison and the prison official did not allow him to visit his son who was diagnosed with cancer , therefore Mr. Kaboudvand went on hunger strike for 59 days when he was allowed to visit his son.
Mr. Kaboudvand was sentenced by the infamous Judge Moghiseh and he was charged with breaching national security and disturbing the public thoughts by writing article in " Payam Mardom "Weekly.

Iran Watch Canada:  Is Happy that Mr. Kaboudvand Is Released from Prison but believes the regime must be taken accountable for all the things happened on Mr. Sediq Kaboudvand who as a journalist and human rights defenders did what every Iranian should do to defend the human rights .


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