Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday June 28,2006
News update- Gooya newsonline reporting:

652 students activists in a statement : Demanded for the release of Yashar Ghajar and Abed Tavancheh !

It is exactly one month past since the arrest of Mr. Yashar G. the chair of the Association of Islamic Students- polytechnic University and Mr. Abed T. a member of this association and this is while in recent weeks we have witnessed a wave of summons, willful arrests and other security pressures on students .In any case, many students who have been arrested are released but Mr. Yashar Ghajar and Mr. Abed Tavancheh are still in prison and the authorities didn't provide any reasons for all these arrests.few sources inside the regime believe the reason for their arrest is because of their connection to outside the country and for their protests.
The students are protesting to gain their civil rights, to have their organization , their union, hygene and secure dormitory , to have their own publication and freedom of expression. Their protests are peaceful and how can they act as a tool for the interest of foreign countries.

The signatories condemned these arrests and demanded for their immediate release and asked the government to stop the scenario of labeling students as foreign elements .

Link to this news in Farsi:

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