Saturday, September 16, 2006

"Mojtaba Saminejad" a blogger who was arrested in 2004 , was released after two years imprisonment. In 2005 Mojtaba recieved the award of best blogger in defense of "Freedom of Expression" from RSF ( Reporters San Frontier ) . Mojtaba was charged for the following reason: " Activity against national security ", " Insulting Khomeini and Khameneie" , " profanity" , " opening several blogs", " having unlawful affair " and........

After his release he spoke with Mr. Mohammad Reza Nasababdolahi a journalist who writes for Roozonline, in this interview he said : " I was charged in a court which the Judge , prosecutor and my lawyers diden't know anything not only about blog but also about computer, For example instead of saying "password and user name" i had to make copy from the pages of blog and show them to the judge and prosecutor ". While in prison the prison officials mixed me with drug addict , criminals and murderers ..... Now that i'm released i feel that i'm free but not as it should be , I dont feel that i'm completely free eventhough i'm not in prison".

In responding to another question like do you still wrte he said : " Yes i still write and i'll never let it go,I like writing in blog, weblog writing changed the way of my life, aside from the bad things that happened to me , it brought good thing for me too , weblog writing became part of my life ".

Mojtaba : "The fever of writing blog among girls are more than boys in Iran because they have less freedom in open space or in the society to speak with boys " .


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