Saturday, September 16, 2006

News in brief-

America denied visa to Iran's minister of interior !
Iran Emroozonline reported that Mr. Mostafa Poormohammadi the Interior Minister of Iran who was trying to participate for a conference about" International Immigration and Developement" in New York, was unable to recieve visa and therefore could not attend in the conference.The conference took place from last Thursday in UN headquaretr in New York.

Mostafa Poormohammadi was the deputy minister of information during the reign of terror by the ministry and minister Ali Fallahian is the number one accused who is accused of killing many Iranian dissidents inside and outside of Iran , as well he is accused number one in Mykonos restaurant killing of dissidents in Berlin.Mr. Poormohammadi was one of the three members delegate which was appointed by Khomeini to " clean out the prisons from political oppositions" and as a result 4000 political prisoners were executed by hanging , fire squad or under the torture for just a few weeks and was buried in a mass grave in "Khavaran " in Tehran .
Mostafa Poormohammadi,Mohseni Ezheie , Ruhollah Hoseinian , Ali Fallahian , Judge Said Mortazavi ,Hossain Shariatmadari ( running Kayhan newspaper ) .... are the number one accused in making Iran and abroad unsafe for Iranian intellectuals , journalists , human rights activists , political oppositions and ..........

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