Tuesday, September 12, 2006

News in brief-

Wave of attack on independent, semi-independent newspapers , publications, magazins, books and ......................brought wave of reaction from within media professionals , intellectuals, civil rights movements and ..........

"Mr. Shamsolvaezin" spokesperson for the "Association defending freedom of press" :
" The halo of the light" ( Ahmadinejad believs that there is a halo of light above his head) laid off hundreds of journalists !
" with the closure of "Sharq" newspaper , the last chain of reformist media and the public body has been occupied by the conservative government of Ahmadinejad" .He then spoke about the closure of " Nameh " publication and said: "I hope the government of Ahmadinejad will take lesson from the past and won't play this way with mass media the fourth column of democracy" .

Mr. Saharkheiz ( journalist ) :
Fear and censorship will rule over the independent media in Iran!

Mr. Isa Saharkheiz the former member of the "watch dog on media" during the time of reformist government in speaking with "Roozonline" about the closure of "Sharq" newspaper have said: "I think the internal and external situation is somehow bringing the regime into the corner and therefore they are forced to close the internal breathing spaces and to make the internal criticism blind". Mr. Saharkheiz believs that: " The pressure and suppression of independent media in the country will intesify and the acts of fear , censorship and self censoring will increase in the country".

Link to these news in Farsi:

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