Monday, September 17, 2007

News in brief-

The fate of three social activist from the city of "Khoram Abad" who were arrested because of campaigning for "one million signature " against the discriminative laws is not known!
They were beaten and arrested last Friday together with 22 others when police attacked to a peaceful workshop of " Campaign for one million signature" in the city of Khoram Abad. except these three the rest were released yesterday ( Sunday) September 16 . The "campaign for one million signature " is worried about the safety and situation of these three activists .

For the record the name of these three activists are :
Mr. Bahman Azadi, Mr. Reza Dolatshahi and Mr. Khosro Nasim-pour

The family members of the three social activist attended in the office of the prosecutor and demanded for any news about their loved one but the prosecutor said that he is unaware of these individuals which made the family members to worry even more.

Never mind the arrest, imprisonment and torture , but just not knowing where these three activists are is the basic violation of human rights . In this regard the prison officials knowingly denying information to the family members and by doing so hurting peoples which is the most inhuman bahavior of this regime.

At 6:00am On Thursday September 13 , 2007 Ms. Mansureh Shojaei , Ms. Jelveh Javaheri , Ms. Zara Amjadian and Ms. Nafiseh Azad members of the " campaign for one million signature" arrived in the city of Khoram- Abad from Tehran for a workshop on women's human rights and stayed in their host house ( Reza and Mahtab Dolatshahi) who are also social activists in the city and are interested in the campaign .
The first day was spent more on preparation of the workshop and knowing the city. On Friday the workshop started with a little delay. At around 11:40 when the workshop was in the middle of reviewing the history of the Iranian women's movement, noises was heard from the door and when Mr. Bahman Azadi husband of one of the participants in the workshop opened the door, he saw 10 armed uniformed and plain cloths police together with three women police entered into the house forcefully and started beating and insulting him and the others. All the 25 participants to the workshope were pushed to two different rooms one for women and the other for men . Both group of men and women were asked to take off their dress and were searched and their personal belonging were taken away.
After an hour of insulting and beating the participants , the police hand cuffed the men which then was protested by Zara Amjadian and other women. The women however resisted to the hand cuffs.
Due to the protest, people were gathered outside the house and police were telling them that these people are arrested because of having an " immoral pleasure party" .
The police then transfered them by a bus to a detention centre in the city of Khoram -Abad. They separated the men from the women. There were 14 women in one cell. The judge attended to the women and told them: " You are those women who wanted to have four husband instead of one.....and poor the women of the city of Khoram-Abad that you wanted to teach them."
.... The women were transfered to another location and video clip was taken from them. Then they brought Mr. Reza Dolatshahi with a blindfold . He was shaking and around his eyes were red.The agents forced him to say; who he is and what is his belief . Reza then introuduced himself and said that he is a union activist.

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