Saturday, January 26, 2008

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Gooya news
Saturday Jan.26,2008

Legal persecution of Bahai social activists in the city of Shiraz !
The US foreign affairs demanded for the freedom of three Bahai citizen in Iran who have been sentenced to prison term by the court of revolution in the city of Shiraz and have been in prison for months. They have been charged for " national security breach against Iran" and " propaganda against the Islamic Republic system".
These three person were 54 member group of Bahai youth who had organized classes for tackeling with solving problems of subject matters and teaching living technics to childeren and teenagers of low income families.
But it seems that the officials in the Islamic Republic think that the aim of their activity as propaganda for the Bahai faith which is not recognized in Iran and its followers are deprived from many social rights.
The reports indicate that other members of the group are also awaiting for their trial.
These 54 people were arrested on Friday May the 19th , 2007. The Bahai International Society announced that in the past there never been arrest this much as a group.
It seems that Ms. Raha Sarvestani is the accused number one of the case and was sentenced to four years in prison by the court of revolution in the city of Shiraz.
Ms. Sarvestani said that, she and others are member of an NGO known as World Childeren Research institute which has been registered in the country and had the permit for activity and they had also permission from Shiraz city council to organize classes for the childeren of low income families therefore they are not an illegal group .
Since 2005 the number of Bahai who spent time in detention reach to 125 people said the representative from the office of the Bahai International Society in the UN. But it added that in recent years there was no report on execution of Bahai's.
The number of Bahai that have been executed or killed in Iran in the years after the revolution were around 200.
Ms. Raha Sarvestani said that, she spent 30 days in a Revolutionary Guards ( Sepah Pasdaran) detention centre and was interrogated and four time attended in a court and had defended herself because no lawyer wanted to take her case.

"The World Childeren research Institute" has its office in Tehran and has introduced itself in its website as an independent, professional and research organization which was established on 1994 by a group of professionals and its aim was to help for the developement of childeren in Iran. There are 300,000 Bahai's in Iran and this religion is originated from Iran and the city of Shiraz is the origin of the Bahai faith in the mid 19th century .

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