Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Khavaran is one of the world famous political mass murdering cemetery and the Islamic Republic is trying to change it into a park!

By destroying the evidence, the Islamic Republic regime is trying to change "Khavaran" into a park and by doing so , they brought bulldozers and graders into the "Khavaran" and is planting trees on it!
"Khavaran" is known in Iran and the world as a place in Tehran where the oppositions believe during the summer of 1988, Islamic Republic regime has murdered thousands of political prisoners and hastily buried them at night in it.
Several victims family members reported that; on Jan.9 - 16 regime's agents brought bulldozers and graders into Khavaran and planted trees on it.

Mr. Jafar Behkish who lives in Canada has lost six members of his family during the mass murdering of political prisoners told to Radio Farda that: "We do not have much news about the destruction, for example; we do not know how deep they have excavated the earth and whether they have removed and transfered the remainder of the victims to another location."
Every year in September the victims family members were gathering in Khavaran to honor their loved one.


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