Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mr. Abbas Jalilian the Kurdish writer is arrested in Kermanshah province!
Kurdistan Human Rights organization repoted that; Mr. Abbas Jalilian the Kurdish writer is arrested on Thursday January 15 in the city of Islamabad-west in Kermanshah province.
The security agents at night time attended at the house of Abbas Jalilian while he was with his blind and ailing father alone and arrested him. Abbas father was asking about the identity of the agents but confronted with their insulting behavior. The agents searched the house and took his computer case and many of his literary hand writting.
Abbas parent attended at the office of the Ministry of Information in the city of Islamabad the west , at first the official at the office denied of any information about the situation of Abbas but later confirmed that abbas has been transfered to Kermanshah. Upto now the family members of Abbas do not have any information from him and he did not call his family .
Mr. Abbas Jalilian is a renowned Kurdish writer in the field of Kurdish literature and has published several books including : Rangnameh, Zarineh, Simineh, Bashur Kurdish -Farsi dictionary and has written many articles about language and literature in Kurdish and Farsi publications.


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