Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family's of political prisoners are gathered behind the wall of Evin prison in an evening of Ramadan to be close to their dear one !

Pic. The green wave of freedom

Crime against humanity is repeated in Iran!

How many of Iranian protesters are murdered in all over Iran?
International observer and investigators are needed to find out and help Iranian family's!

No one knows exactly how many political prisoners are alive in the prisons. In the past the report indicated that more than 4000 people have been arrested just during the last two months protest against Ahmadinejad's cheating in the election and his coup d'etat regime.

Shocking news are still coming from the prisons. News were reported that 44 Iranian citizens were burried on July 12-15 in the section number 302 in Beheshte Zahra cemetery without any name and personal identification on their grave in a mass murdering. Nourooz site reported about this and this was also reported to the parliament for investigation.


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