Thursday, August 20, 2009

Possible plan for more search if wearing jean pants !

We don't know yet who have ordered this type of jean pants to chinese factories and for Iranian market. The name of " Allah and in the name of god the merciful and compationate "is written on both back pocket.
I remember when i was going to be hired for a work , one man from herasat office for finalizing the interview asked about my past and i took one library membership card that i had from my back pocket and he said: brother it is wrong to leave the card with the name of Allah in your back pocket, this is an insult.

Well , this jean may cause a series of news stories in the coming future and even the bussiness people who have ordered this may face lashes or punishment but may be it was ordered by " Sepah " the gurdian corps, who are controlling the bussiness from military equipments to opium ,opium vine , food ,cloths and...

Another thought according to one website is that, it may bring more search of young women and men wearing jeans by regime security forces and militias.


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