Monday, January 10, 2011

Islamic judiciary in Iran sentenced "UN human rights council" to 11 years imprisonment and 20 years ban practicing human rights in Iran and .....

UN human rights council has no place in Iran!

Islamic regime in Iran sent clear message to UN human rights council !

Mohammad Javad Larijani the Islamic Regime human rights ambassador to UN like a pupet doing nothing but laughing at UN human rights council and its mandates/ charter !

With all these , will UN human rights council still welcome the Islamic Regime human rights delegate headed by Mohammad Javad Larijani in their next human rights session?
Nasrin Sotoudeh the imprisoned Iranian lawyer and a prominent human rights advocate in Iran is sentenced to 11 years imprisonment , 20 years ban from practicing law and 20 years ban from leaving the country.
Division number 26 of the court of revolution and Mr. Pir Abbasi as the presiding judge sentenced Nasrin sotoudeh the Brave Iraniasn human rights lawyer to 11 years imprisonment , 20 years ban from practicing law and 20 years ban from leaving the country.

According to Nasrin's husband Reza Khandan this sentencing was handed to her lawyer Nasim Ghanavi and her lawyer has 20 days to appeal the judge's decision .
She was accused of : Propagating against Islam ( One year imprisonment) and for other two charges : Activities against national security ( five years imprisonment) and Not following the Islamic Dress code( Five years imprisonment).

Furthermore ,according to news her husband and her lawyer have been summoned to court for questioning .

Nasrin has been arrested on Septemper 4,2010 and was transfered to Evin prison and she has been in solitary confinement since Monday November 15 ,2010 and she went on hunger strike a number of time in protest against her arrest and the prison condition.

Nasrin Sotoudeh is a lawyer and has won the human rights award from the "Human Rights International Organisation " in 2008. She is an active member of the "Association of Human Rights Defenders in Iran " and member of "Campaign for One Million Signature" as well as " Association of supporting Childeren '............

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